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To create a successful plan for social selling, businesses need to reach a large number of users within a target audience and get them motivated to either purchase or share products.

Our tools make social commerce easy for small businesses. When combined, our options create a complete and effective social media marketing system.

Ravox helps small businesses to sell their products through social media in 3 ways:

A businesses can reach their own friends and fans by creating a Facebook store on a Facebook business fan page.

Businesses can reach our users, friends and fans by adding products to the Ravox Marketplace.

A Facebook user can sign up as a Social Affiliate and promote products to friends and followers. Social Affiliates earn 7% commission per sale. Products can be promoted through Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

The Ravox Ecosystem

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" When developing Ravox, small businesses were in the forefront. Many ecommerce site owners want more freedom and options when it comes to expanding into the social commerce. Ravox goes beyond the fundamentals of social commerce to incorporate features that are significant for site owners wishing to expand and stimulate growth using the social power of a shopping cart, marketplace and networkers. "

- Aji Abraham, founder and CEO of